Can I immediately continue to work after I changed my password?

Yes, you can. After the password change, you can use it right away to log in.

Where can I find a manual on how to change my password?

View the manual for changing your password in the manuals overview on the Servicedesk ICT page.

What should I do when I've entered my password wrong too many times?

Your account is temporarily blocked for security reasons. Wait at least 5 minutes and try again.

Can I reset my password when I’m at home?

You can change your password any place (home and abroad) where you have an internet connection.

Do I still have to change my new password manually on mobile devices?

Yes, for example on your iPad or phone in order to retrieve mail. If you don’t setup the newly chosen password there is a chance your account will be blocked temporarily

What should I do if all fails to get a new password?

Contact the Servicedesk ICT. Note: you can only change your password once a day.

Do I need to know my current password to get a new password?

No, that's not necessary.

Can I change my password when my account is locked (longer than five minutes)?

No, this is not possible. For questions about your account please contact the HR Officer of your Department.